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"Differential Diagnosis & Treatment Planning for Speech Sound Disorders"

Presenter: Linda D'Onofrio, MA, CCC-SLP


FAQs In Stuttering Therapy: What Do I Do When His Teacher Doesn't Notice His Stutter?

Our guest contributor Nina Reeves, M.S. CCC-SLP BCS-F from and Stuttering Therapy Resources, Inc and Stuttering Therapy Services and Seminars discusses what to do when his teacher doesn’t notice, (and doesn’t seem to be bothered) by his stutter. Nina was recently featured the SLP Now Podcast for an episode titled: "How to Navigate Bullying with Students who Stutter" Listen Free Buy Podcourse (.1 ASHA CEU) Nina was also featured on the Speech Link with Char Boshart for an episode titled: "School-Age Stuttering Therapy: Essentials for SLP's" Listen Free Buy Podcourse (.1 ASHA CEU) In Stuttering Therapy: What Do I Do When His Teacher Doesn't Notice His Stutter? This is a question I received rec

7 Lessons I've Learned About Homework

Most of us SLPs struggle to get our therapy-kids to do their homework. We know that extra practice time outside of therapy can really help. But, just because we give it to them, doesn’t mean they do it. Right? Aye, there’s the rub. Undaunted, perhaps you’ve made a decision to emphasize homework this year. I can relate. I made the same decision a few years back when I was in the schools. The outcome, just so you know, got worse before it got better. Here’s what happened…. It was a new school for me, with a large caseload—99 kids. My goals were to help the kids and get the caseload down to a manageable size. I thought ‘homework’ would help improve and move the kids through. To put it mildly, t

Evidence Based Practice & Systematic Reviews: What The SLP Needs To Know

All speech-language pathologists are now aware of the term "evidence-based practice" (EBP) and the pressure to become evidence-based practitioners. However, most of us have zero ideas on how to actually use what the evidence suggests within our clinical setting. I do not know what the current university courses are telling graduate students, but since I graduated in 2000, I have had no instruction in this area. I have felt clueless and behind the times for years. Because no one actually defined EBP for me, I was left to assume that I should be doing whatever research articles out there suggested. However, the very few articles that I had free access to always ended with a "more research is n

Should We Organize Our Therapy Materials By Activity Topic?

When you open your “file cabinet” for treatment, how are your materials organized? My guess is that–just like I used to do– your materials are organized by impairment: verbal expression, auditory comprehension, thought organization, sustained attention, short-term memory, etc. This kind of organization of materials makes sense if we are only focused on improving impairment-level results, BUT, with the changes over the past decade in healthcare that expect REAL LIFE results, this system is no longer doing the best work for us. It actually makes it harder for us to wind our way back to real life activities if we are starting with the impairment. If you pull out verbal expression tasks and the

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