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"Differential Diagnosis & Treatment Planning for Speech Sound Disorders"

Presenter: Linda D'Onofrio, MA, CCC-SLP


2018 Cruise Course Details!

The Carnival Magic Cruise sails round trip from Port Canaveral, FL on July 14th, 2018 for the 8-Day trip stopping in 4 incredible tropical l

A Hot Tip for Successful “R” Therapy

If you work with children who have a distorted /r/, the following may be the most valuable and critically important strategy you’ll ever use. To know where we’re going, let’s take an in-depth look at our destination. Let’s think about—and feel—the /r/ placement together. Close your eyes, and say /r/ out loud; sustain. Pay careful attention to the bilateral elevation of the back-sides of your tongue. Do you feel your back-tongue “corners” touching the area behind your back, top teeth? It’s the same place you contact for /k/, /g/ and /ng/. This significant mouth-part behind the top, back teeth is called your “retromolar pads.” These pads are the primary points of destination for the sides of

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