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Another school year is upon us, and we’ve got the perfect bundle for you!  With the School Therapy Bundle, you’ll discover new and innovative strategies to help you “reach and teach” your children, to build connections between therapists and classroom teachers, and to help you achieve your professional development goals while earning your CE credits. Take advantage of the special bundle price for these nine, school-specific courses, designed just for you.

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Course Details:

Activities That Reach & Teach (3 Hours)

This course teaches the importance of active learning and techniques for selecting and implementing quality activities that insure student learning and retention of content. It features strategies for activity selection that considers age appropriate content, as well as, engagement of a diverse student population. It explores what is necessary for creating a safe and caring educational environment that encourages interaction, understanding, team building, communication, problem solving, and conflict resolution. It provides several examples of successful activities that can be used to assess learning across subject matter. It is focused for educators, SLPs, SLPAs, OTRs, and anyone else who works in an educational environment.


Gale Gorke, Ed.D

Assessment & Treatment for Stuttering (4 Hours)

This course reviews procedures for assessing stuttering concerns across the lifespan. The instructor will also review a variety of iPad apps that support data collection. This course is appropriate for clinicians seeking review of current assessment procedures and assumes clinicians have worked with several fluency clients. Participants will review differential diagnostic guidelines for identifying developmental stuttering versus typical disfluency. The course will review how to use diagnostic information to make clinical treatment decisions regardless of client age or clinical setting (i.e., early intervention, schools, clinics).


Jessica Fanning, PhD, CCC

Continuum of Treatment Approaches for Children with Autism (3 Hours)

There are a variety of educational interventions and techniques that are used to improve the outcomes for children with an autism spectrum disorder. Research suggests that there is evidence to support the effectiveness of educational interventions that vary in theoretical framework and implementation. Overlap between the techniques used in educational interventions that vary in theoretical framework has also been reviewed in the literature. The purpose of this presentation is to briefly review and compare the continuum of educational interventions (Behavioral and Developmental) for children with autism.


Anna Dvortcsak, MS, CCC-SLP

Building Self-Regulation Through Communication (6 Hours)

This workshop presents a perfect blend of articulation and oral-motor therapy for the misarticulated "R" phoneme. Based on her best-selling book by the same title, Marshalla describes methods to facilitate first productions of "R." Then she details how to help clients transfer this skill from words to conversational speech using practical and highly effective methods of carryover. This class is appropriate for both student speech and language pathologists and seasoned professionals.


Chris Wing, PhD, CCC-SLP

Frontal Lisp, Lateral Lisp (3 Hours)

The frontal and lateral lisps are considered mild articulation errors, yet they can be difficult to change in some clients. This seminar presents practical techniques for the remediation of the six sibilants: S, Z, Sh, Zh, Ch, and J. The class opens with normal production of these phonemes based on research in palatography, and it progresses immediately to remediation techniques. Using the evidence-based practice as a model, techniques to be discussed integrate information from the lab, the clinic, and client.


Pam Marshalla, MA, CCC-SLP

R Solutions: From Capability to Carryover (3 Hours)

Most children and adults who distort the production, form the sound with labored puckered lips and a lowered, relaxed tongue. So just why do they do that? And whats an SLP to do to counteract these characteristics and replace the inaccurate sound with a desirable that generalizes with ease? In this 3-hour course "R" Solutions: From Capability to Carryover you'll discover how to apply practical, little known facts critical not only in analysis, but also to formulating a good and organizing a remediation process that clearly sequences your therapy from capability strategies to carryover completion. 


Char Boshart, MA, CCC-SLP

Carryover Techniques in Articulation and Phonology (3 Hours)

In this seminar Pam Marshalla presents a wide variety of practical methods designed to stimulate carryover in articulation and phonological therapy. Content of the class is based on material abstracted from research, historic and modern textbooks, and more than three decades of clinical experience. Topics include: Client attitude and blocks to carryover; Speech production activities to promote habituation; Games and activities for therapy/classroom/home; Rate control for carryover; Auditory self-monitoring and carryover; Working on conversational speech; and Parent participation. This seminar contains lecture, demonstrations, and small-group learning experiences. Questions and comments from participants are welcome throughout.


Pam Marshalla, MA, CCC-SLP

Creative Language Therapy: Systematic Instruction for Language Delayed Children (5 Hours)

This course offers practical how-to language therapy techniques to implement in your "pull-out" therapy as well as your "push-in" instruction in the classroom or clinic. Learn creative organization methods, fun and effective language activities, and how to make your life easier by using common multi-use materials. The information is designed for preschool and elementary-aged language delayed children.


Pam Marshalla, MA, CCC-SLP

Literacy: A Language-Based Skill Part I (1 Hours)

This course is designed to provide speech-language pathologists with the necessary background and tools to implement literacy-based activities into the speech and language treatment of pre-school and school-aged children.


Matthew Carter, PhD, CCC-SLP

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All courses offered through the School Therapy Bundle are available to our Professional subscribers, get unlimited access to our course library, subscribe today!


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