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The Art of Active Listening

2.0 Hours

Course Description

This is a course where participants will learn the skills involved in effective active listening, and how to apply them both professionally and personally, including when supervising students, assistants, and others. The key aspects of active listening will be identified and described with examples. The application of these principles will be taught and participants will gain insight into what works when using active listening as well as what does not and/or common missteps that can occur. This course will be particularly helpful for professionals working with clients who engage in resistant behaviors.

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By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

Name the goals of active listening.
List the five key aspects of active listening.
Describe the importance of centering oneself in active listening.
Give examples of reflective responses.
Understand the concept of validation and how to apply it.
About Presenters

Allison Ewing


Allison Ewing, L.C.S.W., the founder of Inspired Life Tapping, is an EFT practitioner as well as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 19 years of experience in mental health. Allison spent many years providing mental health treatment to individuals, families and groups, primarily working with clients who had histories of extensive trauma and/or mental illness. In more recent years, Allison has worked primarily in an administrative and training capacity. She provided training and consultation to many social service and residential treatment facilities in Illinois and has been asked to lecture at workshops and conferences all across the country. Her current passion is for using mind/body techniques to accelerate clients’ emotional healing. Presently, Allison sees individual clients and she teaches workshops on various topics in her areas of expertise including Emotional Freedom Technique, mindfulness, meditation, trauma response, self-harm prevention and crisis de-escalation/conflict resolution skills. You can read more about Allison at her website: https://www.inspiredlifetapping.com/

Additional Information

This course is offered for 0.20 ASHA CEUs (Intermediate Level, Professional Area)

Course Timeline
15 min: Introduction: What is active listening & the goals
10 min: Intention
10 min: Centering oneself
10 min: Discovering the unspoken
5 min: Holding a non-judgmental stance
45 min: Reflecting feelings and validating
15 min: Additional skills in active listening
10 min: Putting it all together and final tips
Course Disclosure
The content of this course is based on the research and experience of the presenter. You are responsible to do your own research to determine if the information and skills taught are appropriate for your clients/students/patients.
Disclosure Statement for Allison Ewing
Financial Allison Ewing received compensation for this presentation from SpeechTherapyPD.com.
Nonfinancial No relevant non-financial relationships exist.

Allison Ewing


Included In:
Audio Basic Professional

Purchase this course for $49.99