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Developing Oral Narrative Skills

3.5 Hours

Course Description

In this participatory and lively workshop, you will engage with new, entertaining ways to develop vocabulary, language processing skills and prerequisite skills for oral narrative in young children. Walk away with a better understanding of the developmental sequence of narrative growth in children as well as over 25 new ways to present children's classic stories through song, movement and hands on visual imagery. Each participant will receive materials and ideas for exciting activities you can use to support communication growth tomorrow!

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By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

Identify the critical communication skills that are emphasized in early literature.
Understand why narrative development is core to functional comprehension and the development of print literacy skills.
Explain the prerequisite oral language skills required to adequately develop print narrative skills.
Adapt any children's classic story to emphasize a variety of speech and language skills through movement, music, rhythm and/or puppetry.
About Presenters

Lorraine Maida


Lorraine Maida has worked in the educational field for over 30 years. Her experience spans a broad range of roles including Speech Pathologist, special education teacher, administrator, university instructor and educational consultant. She has worked with students and developed programming for all ages and abilities. Lorraine has been invited to provide hundreds of training opportunities at local, state and national venues related to provision of educational services in schools. She is currently working as a public school SLP, a seminar provider and education consultant. She is also adjunct faculty for Central Washington University and a guest lecturer in the Department of Communication Disorders at the University of Washington.

Additional Information

This course is offered for 0.35 ASHA CEUs (Intermediate Level, Professional Area)

Course Timeline
15 min: Introduction, the importance of storytelling in early childhood
45 min: Story adaptations : multi-dimensional experiences
15 min: Early activities to develop listening and attending through music, rhythm, chant, movement: examples and demonstration
90 min: Developmental levels of participation in storytelling narrative : Level 1, 2, 3 and 4 examples and demonstrations. Audience Participation
15 min: A specific focus on robust vocabulary development in storytelling
30 min: Question and Answer Session
Course Disclosure
The content of this course is based on the research and experience of the presenter. You are responsible to do your own research to determine if the information and skills taught are appropriate for your clients/students/patients.
Disclosure Statement for Lorraine Maida
Financial Lorraine Maida received compensation for this presentation from SpeechTherapyPD.com.
Nonfinancial No relevant non-financial relationships exist.

Lorraine Maida


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Audio Basic Professional

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