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Monthly 6+ Hour Web Conferences!

Every month for the remainder of 2020 we will be putting out a new 6+ hour conference, each highlighting a different Speech Pathology topic. All professional members of SpeechTherapyPD.com will have free access to 100% of the upcoming conferences, in addition to our entire course library.

Professional memberships are $189/year


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"Mastering Teletherapy: Moving Beyond the Basics" (.6 ASHA CEUs)

"Ready-Set-Back to School Conference.. Covid Edition" (.7 ASHA CEUs)

Voice Conference (.8 ASHA CEUs)

Oct. 18 and 25 Literacy Conference (.8 ASHA CEUs)

November - Orofacial Myology Conference
More information coming soon!


ALL web conferences are FREE for professional Members of SpeechTherapyPD.com

Professional memberships are $189/year. 

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"Mastering Teletherapy: Moving Beyond the Basics" (.6 ASHA CEUs)


Presenters: Kristin Martinez, MA CCC-SLP and Sarah James, MS CCC-SLP

The presenters shared how to deliver speech and language services via Teletherapy. They outlined how to perform assessments, IEPs, provided practical, functional, and simple therapy activities as well as shared ways to support, engage and coach parents and caregivers.  Valuable resources were provided. Sample sessions were demonstrated. Discover how to help your students thrive via the online learning environment.


"Ready-Set-Back to School Conference.. Covid Edition" (.7 ASHA CEUs)


Presenters: Lauren LaCour Haines, MS CCC-SLP, Dr. Kimberly Green, Ph.D, CCC-SLP, Victoria Spence, Angie Neal MS CCC-SLP, Kristen Chmela, MA, CCC-SLP, BCS-F, Glenn Weybright, MS, CCC-SLP, BCS-F

With Covid still lingering, school based speech pathologists are facing new challenges in preparing to go back to school and in servicing their students. This is compounded by a possible return to teletherapy as a mode of service delivery. This conference will help equip clinicians be ready, and prepared! Presenters will discuss the nitty gritty of managing a caseload as well as addressing literacy, and fluency. Join in and get ready to learn!


Voice Conference (.8 ASHA CEUs)


Voice Conference Pt. 1: Moment-to-Moment Decision-Making in Voice Therapy

(.4 ASHA CEUs)
Presenters: Aaron Ziegler Ph.D, CCC-SLP

This conference will provide a wealth of practical tools and strategies that focus on all things voice. This part 1 of 2 day conference offers a pragmatic approach to voice therapy that involves a therapeutic alliance between an SLP and patient to achieve satisfactory outcomes. The course considers multiple elements of voice therapy for successfully changing vocal behaviors and demonstrates myriad voice therapy techniques that target the physiologic and underpinnings of voice descriptions.
ENROLL On-Demand


Voice Conference Pt. 2: Practical Management of Voice Disorders (.4 ASHA CEUs)
Presenters: Christina Kang, MS, CCC-SLP, Maurice Goodwin, MS, CCC-SLP, Jason Hall, MS CCC-SLP

This conference will provide a wealth of practical tools and strategies that focus on all things voice. This part 2 of the 2 day conference will cover topics such as understanding chronic cough, becoming familiar with the foundational framework of the assessment and treatment of muscle tension dysphonia and sharing strategies for successful voice therapy.  How to communicate with ‘layperson’ about voice will be addressed. 


Literacy Conference (.8 ASHA CEUs)


October 18, 10:00am PDT Literacy Conference Pt. 1: Improving Language and Literacy Outcomes Through a Collaborative Approach (.4 ASHA CEUs)
Presenter: Angie Neal, MS CCC-SLP

Improving Language and Literacy through a Collaborative Approach will provide participants with the foundation they need to work closely with school teams and gain a seat “at the literacy table”. This workshop will give SLPs an overview of the programs, tools and perspectives of other key literacy professionals and current trends in instruction. This will include information about the evidence (or lack thereof) for various approaches. In addition, this workshop will provide a model for how to share information with school professionals about how spoken language impacts written language and why this information is crucial for anyone teaching children to read.


October 25, 10:00am PDT - Literacy Conference Pt. 2: What This Means for Me: Literacy and Dyslexia (.2 ASHA CEUs)
Presenter: Margo Kinzer Courter, MBA, MA, CCC-SLP, BCS-CL

We, as speech-language pathologists, often question our role in literacy and dyslexia. From Every Student Succeeds Act, state legislation, to state education standards, we play an integral role. This course will define each of those areas where we have expertise within our domains of language and provide some therapy strategies to support speaking and listening to reading and writing.

October 25, 12:30am PDT - Literacy Conference Pt. 3: Spelling: Why SLPs Need to Add it to Their Already Overflowing Plates (.2 ASHA CEUs)
Presenter: Emily J.M. Ciesielski, MS, CCC-SLP

But they spelled it right on Friday’s test… 
Spelling, just like reading and writing, is a function of language. SLPs have the needed linguistic background that spelling requires, but caseloads are already too high, we already wear too many hats. In this course, you will learn how spelling develops, what to do when it doesn’t, and why adding spelling to your plate may actually help you. Professional development and/or collaboration ideas will also be discussed.

November - Pediatric Feeding Day!
Information coming soon!

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