A December to Remember

I can picture you right now, SLP: you’ve got your enormous caseload in one hand, and your extensive list of holiday tasks in the other. In between, you’re still staying on top of your routine at home – grocery shopping, laundry, feeding the dog, finding new recipes, scheduling your long-overdue hair appointment (Ok, that’s just me….) – all the while, your patients are on your mind. You’re continually wondering how to bring their therapy to the next level, and by extension, your practice. Somewhere, way in the back of your mind, you’re aware of how many CEUs you’ll need (in exactly how many days) to maintain your Cs.

Three things:

1. We get it.

2. We want to make your life easier.

3. Isn’t it time you got to treat yourself?

For each of those reasons we’re overjoyed to announce a sales event unlike any other: Our “December To Remember” sales event!

Hold on to your halos, because we’ve never done anything like this before. It eclipses Black Friday and Cyber Monday (and, quite honestly, those 12 Days of Christmas) by offering December discounts every week, and every day. Yes. EVERY SINGLE DAY! If you’re busy with one of your 1,000 other obligations this month, and you miss a Flash Sale, fear not! You can still get your discount the next day. Here’s just a small, sneak-peek of our December to Remember Sales Event (I promise I will figure out how to insert a glitter graphic over a blog announcement one day; I feel like it’s required for the full effect here):

Week 1 (December 3 - 9): 50% off All Individual Courses

Week 2 (December 10 - 16): 25% off All Course Bundles and Virtual Conferences

FINALE (December 17 - 23): 50% off Group orders (min of 5), 10% OFF Subscriptions for first time buyers use code "MERRY" at checkout!

Did you lean forward to read that? Are you just a tiny bit excited? I hope so!!

Subscribers who join our mailing list will receive their discount codes at the start of each week. You can also learn how to claim these deals by following us on Facebook and Instagram. Just search for SpeechTherapyPD on social media, and give us a Like and a Follow!

But wait – let me back up a little bit. What if you’re not sure what SpeechTherapyPD.com is all about? Are we “just another CEU provider?” Are these sales just a gimmick? Are you subscribing to something that you’ll never use? Is SpeechTherapyPD.com going to be a boring mixtape of mediocre Power-Point and voice-over lectures on theory and research? Are you going to dread logging on, half-heartedly listen to the lecture, barely get a passing score on your assessment, earn your Cs, and move on? (I need some wide-eyed, shoulder-shrug emoji support here) … The answer is (emphatically): “Um, NO.”

We are NOT just a CEU provider. We share your passion for professionalism and personal growth (and love and positivity at all times), and we believe that all products on our site serve to inspire and support YOU. In the same way you differentiate treatment for your patients and students, we deliver a vast array of professional development opportunities for you – so you can choose what works best for you. That’s what sets us far, far apart from any other online CEU provider. Here’s why:

  • We feature live experts who focus on evidence-based strategies. Check out our presenters

  • We provide engaging (not power-point) audio and video courses- all registered with ASHA. Browse our course library

  • We produce TWO podcasts with accompanying PodCourses for CE credit!: First Bite and The Speech Link. Learn more about PodCourses here

  • We LOVE working with schools, hospitals, contract companies, and private practices. Press here to contact us

  • We release 1-2 new courses weekly – allowing us to stay current and allow for YOUR input. See upcoming live courses

  • We care about you as a person and as a professional, and we’ll never waste your time

  • Oh. We also host a Conference at Sea every year. 2019? A Mediterranean Cruise. NBD. Learn more about the cruise

Not only that, but we think it’s pretty special that our founder and CEO: Mrs. Darla Torkelsen, MS, CCC-SLP is a Speech Pathologist, and that our customer support can literally make reindeer fly. Ok, maybe that’s hyperbole, but seriously – your relationship matters to us, so we’re gonna answer the phone when you call. Or text. Or e-mail. No automation here, either – you’ll be connected directly to someone who can assist you immediately. (Or maybe trade recipes).

Here’s our number: 803-587-0290, and our e-mail is info@videocontinuingeducation.com. We can also chat with someone live during business hours by visiting our website.

Now I’m picturing you differently, SLP: Your caseload in one hand, your holiday list in the other. While you still need to do your laundry at some point (wish we could help with that!), I picture your relief when you can put a massive, satisfying, definitive CHECK in the box next to professional development for the next year. When you take advantage of the December to Remember Sales Event, we’ve got your back for the next year (and then some).

Sending all our love and our warmest wishes for this holiday season,

The SpeechTherapyPD.com Team

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