2018 Cruise Course Details!

We are incredibly excited to announce the details and schedules for the two primary workshops on our 2018 Caribbean Conference at Sea!

About the cruise: The Carnival Magic Cruise sails round trip from Port Canaveral, FL on July 14th, 2018 for the 8-Day trip stopping in 4 incredible tropical locations before returning to port on July 21. To learn more about the cruise and learn how to book PRESS HERE.

2018 Caribbean Cruise Schedule July 14-21, 2018:

Saturday, July 14: Cruise begins at Port Canaveral, FL

Sunday, July 15: Day at Sea

Presenters: Anna Vagin & Allison Ewing

8:30 am – 10:00: Lecture

10:00 – 10:15: Break

10:15am – 11: 45: Lecture

11:45am – 1:00pm: Break

1:00 – 2:30: Lecture

2:30-2:45: Break

2:45-4:15: Lecture

4:15 end

Monday, July 16: Amber Cove, Dominican Republic

Tuesday, July 17: St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

Wednesday, July 18: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Thursday, 19: Partial Day

Presenters: Lucas Steuber & Cheri Chinn

8:00am – 10:00am : Lecture

10:00 – 10:10: Break

10:10 – 11:10: Lecture

Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos

Friday, July 20: Day at Sea

Presenters: Anna Vagin & Allison Ewing

8:30 am – 10:00: Lecture

10:00 – 10:15: Break

10:15am – 11: 45: Lecture

11:45am – 1:00pm: Break

1:00 – 2:30: Lecture

2:30-2:45: Break

2:45-4:15: Lecture

4:15 end

Saturday, July 21: Return to Port

Play. Pause. Learn. Using Engaging Media & Games to Support Social Learning (12 Hours)

Anna Vagin , PhD, CCC-SLP

Join Anna to learn about:

* her newest work using YouTube videos as material for social learning

* the power of table top (board) and video games to help students feel okay feeling uncomfortable

* ways to support cooperative skills using engaging materials (even for older students)

* goal writing and documenting progress

Day 1: will begin with general introductions, as we set goals for our time together. Then we will start making the case for media as social learning material. We will review current research describing critical difficulties processing social movement in students with Autism Spectrum Disorders. We will discuss the importance of educating school administrators and parents about appropriate and responsible media use with students who have social learning challenges.

Visual supports are critical to maximizing learning. We will review the basic elements of strong and effective a range of visual supports, with small groups practice manipulating a variety of materials.

Before we look at media, we will discuss our students, and review a framework that allows us to group them based on language skills, perspective taking ability, and understanding of emotions. We will talk about strategies for grouping students so that everyone gives to and gets from all members.

Our exploration of media will begin with the use of YouTube videos to build social emotional learning (SEL) by expanding emotional vocabulary, understanding changes in emotions, and building students’ ability to reflect on their own emotional experiences.

Most students with social learning challenges need to become more comfortable with their uncomfortable feelings. The rest of Day 1 will be spent exploring how tabletop (board, dice, card, & flicking) and video games can be used to help students understand and manage their emotions in ways that build self-regulation and resilience.

Before we end for the day we will reflect on how the day’s work directly applies to our individual caseloads via small group discussion.

Day 2: will continue looking at ways to responsibly use YouTube videos for social learning. We will focus on specific activities addressing relationships, including: (1) cooperation and flexibility, (2) “jerky”, annoying and overly-competitive behavior and (3) restoring relationships and dealing with misunderstandings.

After reviewing a number of videos paired with structured activities, we will spend some time in small group role play to build our ability to “think on our feet” and create visual supports that we practiced on Day 1.

After lunch we will look at using movies and short television episodes for social learning via the framework of Movie Time, a structured program that allows us to build three specific social cognitive categories: (1) understanding a character’s thoughts and feelings, (2) building perspective taking to determine how actions of one character affect others, and (3) exploring empathic reflections.

Next, we will consider the all-important topic of goal writing and documentation of progress, as well as how to incorporate media into IEP goals. We will finish Day 2 with individual check-ins to determine ways to move forward with our caseloads, answering any questions and discussing next steps and future check-ins.

Time ordered agenda Day 1:

1 hour: introductions, research findings, educating administers

1.5 hour: visual support explorations

.5 hour: grouping students

1.75 hour: YouCue Feelings for SEL

1 hour: gaming to build resilience

15 min: setting up for success on Day 2

Time ordered agenda Day 2:

2 hours: YouCue Relationships

45 mins: role play practice

1.5 hour: Movie Time with movies and TV shows

1 hour: goals and tracking progress

45 mins: final discussions

Allison Ewing – 12 hours of workshops.

Over two full days have time for:

  • hands on practice in small groups

  • individualized mentoring

  • collaborative discussions in a relaxed atmosphere

Information will be appropriate for SLPs, OTs, School Counselors. You will leave with specific activities to use with students in your caseload, as well as a list of great YouTube videos.

“Conflict Management: Preserving Peace with Clients and Coworkers” (6 hours) In this course, participants will gain and in depth understanding of what causes and exasperates a conflict and how it manifests at an emotional, biological and cognitive level within individuals.  Skills for addressing and managing conflict with clients and client’s family members will be taught and attendees will have an opportunity to practice these in the workshop.  Techniques for dealing with extreme crisis and potentially violent behavior will also be instructed.  Finally, participants will be shown how to use these skills in the context of dealing with co-worker and colleague conflict situations and opportunities to practice these skills will be provided as well.   “Introducing the Emotional Freedom Technique: A simple, fast tool to reduce client anxiety and stuttering” (4 hours) The Emotional Freedom Technique(EFT) is a unique, simple tool which has been shown to rapidly reduce stress and anxiety through the use of self-applied acupressure stimulation.  Individuals are taught to “tap” on specific locations on his/her body, known as meridian end points in Chinese medicine, which have a calming affect on the body and mind.  In this workshop, professionals will be introduced to EFT.  The origins, research and benefits will be reviewed.  Participants will learn how EFT is done and how to apply it in a professional setting.  Many opportunities for practicing in the workshop will be provided.  Special attention will be given to using EFT with different nuance situations, including using it to as an intervention for stuttering.   “Mindfulness Skills for the Helping Professional” (2 hours) In this course, professionals will gain an understanding of the concept of mindfulness, what it is and how to practice it.  Research on the benefits of mindfulness will be presented, demonstrating its powerful effectiveness.  Participants will have an opportunity to practice mindfulness activities in the workshop and the application for use both professionally and personally, to reduce professional burn out, will be discussed. 

We hope to see YOU on the 2018 Caribbean Conference at Sea, to learn more about the cruise and how to book PRESS HERE.

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