How to Effectively Run a Special Education Meeting

In lead-up to her upcoming 1.5 hour course titled: Facilitating Special Education Meetings, Karen Edwards has shared a short preview of what's to come. Press the link below to learn about the course and sign up.


Have you ever been in a Special Education Meeting and it doesn’t go as you planned?

We have all been there. The question is “How do you respond when a situation gets tense?” This could be because of a parent, an advocate, a passionate interventionist, a teacher, etc. When situations get tense is very easy for our planned Special Educations Meetings to derail.

If you are the one facilitating the meeting that means you are the one responsible for deescalating the situation and bringing the meeting back on track. Often not an easy task (and at times impossible even for the most experienced), but there are ways to increase the chances of heading back in the direction you had planned when you had prepared for the meeting.

A couple quick tips…

First, it is okay to gently interrupt someone who is talking without a purpose, has said the same thing multiple times, or is talking completely off topic. When you interrupt it is very important that you acknowledge what the person was saying/feeling or the point they were making. Being able to verbally state where the person was coming from makes them feel heard and understood. This does not mean you agree with them, only that you are clearly showing you understand what they feel or their point of view. This then typically allows for an opening to redirect the meeting to what needs to be addressed.

To learn more check out Karen Edwards full course which will be live and interactive on January 31, 2018 at 4:00 PST

PRESS HERE to learn more and sign up!

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