Hilarious Dream Come True: That’s How SLP’s Roll!

We're excited to share one of our favorite blog posts written by one of our presenters: Jan Ward.

Be sure to check out Jan’s video streaming presentation: Charting Your Career Path to Private Practice (1 hour .1 ASHA CEUs)

(A very special thanks to our guest blogger Jan Ward. Jan has been worked as a private practice clinician for years and has a great deal of experience, passion and wisdom to share. She has a new book out about private practice and will be presenting a live video streaming seminar next week…if you can’t make it, it will also be on-demand. At the end of the article, there will be a link for more information)

You know that dream, when you wake up and realize you slept through your college final exam? Or suddenly in front of a crowd you are without ANY clothes?

Something kind of like that happened to me.

A while back I prepared myself to go to my state convention where I was able to present about starting a private practice. I was really organized. I really was! I staged the garage with the collection of bags. My business partner and I worked a full day in our office seeing patients. Less than an hour later she came by and we loaded her SUV. Off we went. Lots of storms were passing through our state so we took a little slower route that avoided the high waters.

We arrived in Ft. Worth and were up in the hotel room by 10:15 pm. Safe and sound. As we unloaded the bags from the hotel cart, I asked the nice valet if he saw my hang up bag. He went down to the car and checked. No bag. You know where it was.

In my garage.

As I stood in that hotel room with my business partners and friends I was stunned. My session was first thing in the morning at 8:00. What would I wear? My friends pushed past my shocked silence and started pulling things out of their bags and asking to see what I HAD brought. In less than 10 minutes I had an ensemble to wear the next morning. Gulp.

My nice skinny jeans, a pale pink long sleeved tee I had worn under the shirt I had worn in the car, a black slouchy cardigan (from my friend), my black ballerina flats and my snazzy Kendra Scott jewelry: pendant and earrings. Not my idea of professional, exactly, though I would wear it to work and the jeans did not have holes.

I made it to my set up time. I decided to introduce myself with this story. I had a great group of SLP’s and grad students eager to hear about private practice. They smiled, nodded, giggled politely at my story. I had a great time.

Their enthusiasm and great questions made me forget what I was wearing. And that I had been upset. And that the convention had not started the way I would have liked.

I even had some great after session questions and conversations with some of the new friends that stayed.

Then something fun happened.

The rest of the day, I was tapped on the shoulder and waved at by these new friends who told me how much they enjoyed my session and that I really was cute. (Y’all, I’m a grandmother. Skinny jeans… not my go-to-fashion statement.)

That afternoon, I shopped in a cute boutique that always comes to the exhibit and 2 practice owners I know help me pick out 2 jackets. That plus additional “t’s” from my roommate, got me through the rest of the convention. Jeans the whole way, baby! The next day when I wore the new jacket, more taps on my back and shoulders.

Compliments on my great new jacket. Rave reviews for looking great! And these words, “If you hadn’t forgotten your hang up bag, you wouldn’t have bought that wonderful jacket!”

Moral to this story: This happens all the time when we treat our patients and counsel our parents. When we are approachable and human, we become people to whom they can relate. When we are flexible with life and therapy, we can have amazing outcomes.

I also take this approach when coaching my clients who are starting or growing a practice. I take each situation with each individual client as unique. I am willing to be your cheerleader and help you with your unique journey to private practice. My advice here is keep going toward your dream! Be flexible and willing to move forward!

So, don’t stall out when something is forgotten. Go for something different. Smile. It will be all right. Really.

I would LOVE for you to have a free chapter of my new book, Power Your Private Practice.

Sign up (http://successfulpracticeslp.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=125)

Preview the book here!


Be sure to check out Jan’s video streaming presentation: Charting Your Career Path to Private Practice (1 hour .1 ASHA CEUs)

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