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Using Visual Supports to Facilitate Language Production and Comprehension (2 Hours)

Sarah Robinson, PhD, CCC-SLP

No-tech visual supports should not be used as a last resort. Visual supports can and should integrated into intervention. A brief rationale why visual supports should be used will be provided, followed by examples and strategies to reduce behaviors and promote language development.

Vocabulary Intervention Techniques from the Young Child through Adolescence

Cathy Alexander, MA, CCC-SLP

Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) foster vocabulary development by embedding evidence-based practices within a broad range of therapy activities.  Learn two approaches for selecting vocabulary target words and nine techniques for explicitly teaching vocabulary. Numerous “Ready-to-Use” activities from preschool age through adolescents will be provided. 

The Role of SLP in Using Language to Build Writing Skills (1.5 Hours)

Sarah James, MS, CCC-SLP

Have you asked yourself if SLPs have a role in writing development? Oral language and writing have a reciprocal relationship and therefore, SLPs have a role if they choose. There are six areas of writing development that will be explored with connections to specific speech and language skills that help to build those areas. Additionally, instructionally based differentiated writing options will be explored.​

Literacy: A Language-Based Skill Part II (5.5 Hours)

Matthew Carter, PhD, CCC-SLP

This course is designed to provide speech-language pathologists with the necessary background and tools to implement literacy-based activities into the speech and language treatment of pre-school and school-aged children. 

A Language-Based Skill Part I (1 Hour)

Matthew Carter, PhD, CCC-SLP

This course is designed to provide speech-language pathologists with the necessary background and tools to implement literacy-based activities into the speech and language treatment of pre-school and school-aged children.

Facilitating Special Education Meetings (1.5 Hours)

Karen Edwards, MS, CCC-SLP

This course will provide information to help gain understanding of key areas that can impact facilitating meetings as well as learn key strategies for improving outcomes of Special Education (SPED) meetings.

Differentiation: It’s Not Just Best for Kids (1.5 Hours)

Sarah James, MS, CCC-SLP

SLPs are “master differentiators,” it is an integral part of our everyday, all day work with students. Discover how to turn Bloom’s Taxonomy into a systematic and concrete differentiation machine! Leave with a structure from which to create instructionally based differentiation opportunities for your students versus the typical time and quantity modifications that are on most IEPs. Using Bloom’s as a goal and objective writing template will also be explored.

5 Ways to Inspire and Motivate Children with Articulation Disorders

Char Boshart, MA, CCC-SLP

Have you ever thought that YOU want your speech-kids to improve more than THEY do? In this information-packed one-hour course, we'll delve into techniques and strategies we can do to turn this around. Basically, there has to be emotional buy-in (on the kids part), especially if we want them to follow-through on their speech homework.

Reading and the SLP: Using Language to Build Reading Skills in Students (1.5 Hours)

Sarah James, MS, CCC-SLP

Have you asked yourself if SLPs have a role in reading development? Join this session to examine the research-based areas for reading instruction and make connections to the specific language skills that help to build those areas of reading. The five aspects of Reading First as they relate to SLPs will be the focus of this session as well as related strategies, activities, digital tools and online resources.

Motivating Children to Learn: Growth Mindset (3 Hours)

Adina Soclof, MS, CCC-SLP

Motivating Children to Learn is a 3-hour online course that provides strategies and activities to help children overcome their academic and social challenges. This course describes the various challenges that can cause children to develop the idea that they are not capable of success in school, precipitating a downward spiral of poor self-esteem and – eventually – school failure. 

Organizing Language Therapy: Fun Narrative Instruction

Char Boshart, MA, CCC-SLP

Language therapy is typically abstract, tough to plan for, and difficult to document improvement.

In this three-hour course, you’ll learn a language therapy SYSTEM, if you will, that will save organization and planning time, establish therapy continuity from therapy session to therapy session, and improve your stress level and sanity.

Executive Function Skills & Multiple Intelligences: Research to Application

Sarah James, MS, CCC-SLP

Both the Executive Function Skills and Multiple Intelligences research has been around since the ‘80’s, but it is making a resurgence for application in 21st century education. Increase your awareness of how these two bodies of information can be used both to help students thrive in busy and fast-paced learning environments as well as a user-friendly guide for everyday differentiation, modifications and adaptations.

Practical and Fun Ways to Run Social Skills Groups

Cheri Chin, MS, CCC-SLP

This course focuses on the use of social skills group for school aged children. Activity ideas and specific examples guide the professional on how to plan for groups while addressing student goals.

Introduction to Tablets for Professionals

Lucas Steuber, MS, CCC-SLP, MA-T

This course will review the current state of iOS and Android technology for education. Essential cabling, setup, and configuration will be discussed. Finally, participants will be shown how to control the use of technology in the schools to best serve learning outcomes.

Using Free Google Tools to Increase Motivation and Achievement

Sarah James, MS, CCC-SLP

Efficient and effective use of Free Google Tools to increase student motivation and achievement!! This fast-paced session will provide a concise overview of SLP user-friendly and high impact Free Google Tools. Specific tools include: Search, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Voice, Maps, Earth and YouTube.  

Using Poetry to Increase Student Language and Literacy Skills (1.5 Hours)

Sarah James, MA, CCC-SLP

Do you feel as though you’ve “been there, done that” and are you looking for new ways to motivate your students and get them engaged in learning? In this session, discover 10+ different types of poetry and how to use it to build language and literacy skills in a less intimidating and more confidence building way.

Complete "R" Remediation Therapy (2 Hours)

Char Boshart, MA, CCC-SLP

In two hours, you'll learn what you need to know to remediate your /r/ distortion kids. We'll go through the detailed sequence, with therapy tools, so you know exactly what to do. I've worked with a lot of /r/ distortion kids and have discovered the bottom-line three critical elements of the /r/ production. I think you'll appreciate the simplicity of the concepts. And, like /s/, we'll cover /r/ comprehensively-from beginning to end. From analysis to therapy techniques, to solidification, to carryover, and finally, to the graduation party.

SMARTER Steps to IEP Goals: Save Time and Optimize Outcomes (1 Hour)

Kelly Ott, MHS, MEd, CCC-SLP and Lara Wakefield, PhD, CCC-SLP

This workshop will focus on teaching the S.M.A.R.T.E.R. steps framework that SLPs can use to develop IEP goals that align with legal mandates. These steps contain a variety of time-saving tips to help SLPs understand the legal jargon to become empowered in their roles on IEP teams.

Cleft Palate and VPI Related Speech Disorders (1.5 Hours)

Melissa Montiel, MA, CCC-SLP

Cleft related speech deficits can be difficult to diagnose and treat. In this session, the speaker will discuss how to identify and treat cleft related speech disorders.  Normal articulation errors vs. cleft related errors will also be discussed in addition to velopharyngeal insufficiency.

Accent Modification 101: Improving Communication Skills in Individuals with Non-Native English and US Regional Dialects (3 Hours)

Leigh Ann Spell, PhD, CCC-SLP

This course will introduce SLPs to the area of accent modification.  Topics discussed will include the sometimes confusing terminology used, the different professionals who currently provide accent modification services, the typical clients who seek out these services and why they want to change their accents/dialects.

Build a Big Bang for the Buck Vocabulary Framework (1.5 Hours)

Sarah James, MS, CCC-SLP

As SLPs we know that words matter! We know that there are over 1 million words in the English language. We know that it is critical that we choose and focus on high impact vocabulary and use high impact strategies to build meaning. This session will provide research, strategies, activities, digital tools and online resources to assist in making these paramount decisions.

Complete "S" Remediation (3 Hours)

Char Boshart, MA, CCC-SLP

The so called ‘simple’ frontal lisp isn’t always simple, and neither is the lateral, that’s for sure. Sometimes they’re quite challenging.  In this extensive three-hour course, therapy is emphasized, from beginning to end, including carryover for both the frontal and lateral sibilants.  In some cases, there are accompanying factors that make complete remediation difficult.  

Quality Interventions with Infants and Toddlers (1.5 Hours)

Michelle Dawson, MS, CCC-SLP

Early Intervention is not for the faint of heart, especially with best practice updates, dynamic home environments, ever-rotating patient caseloads, and the influx of more medically fragile birth to 3 year old patients. This 90 min course is designed to educate learners about current best practice interventions that are based in policy and practices that do NOT require flashcards or a bag of toys! 

Pediatric Dysphagia for the Medically Complex Infant, Toddler, Child (6 Hours)

Michelle Dawson, MS, CCC-SLP

This 6 hour course is designed to educate attendees on the intricate interplay of the pediatric Brain-Mouth-Gut connection and how errors in this system, (such as inter-uterine CVA, diminished mastication reflexes, and delayed GI motility), can result in oropharyngeal dysphagia. 

Tackling Sensory Processing Issues, or Sensory Life Hacks as Told by an SLP (1.5 Hours)

Michelle Dawson, MS, CCC-SLP

In a perfect world, each child’s IFSP Team would include all necessary team members, especially an OT, to tackle a child’s unique sensory processing issues. This 90 min course is designed to offer introductory “Sensory Life Hacks” or support strategies for an SLP to help their patients reach their functional language and feeding goals.

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