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All Things Ethics Podcast

with Dr. Elise Davis-McFarland, PhD, CCC-SLP

New Live and Interactive Episodes Coming January 12, 2020!

About All Things Ethics

Ethics is the cornerstone of the profession of speech-language pathology. In addition to skills and knowledge clinicians must faithfully honor the principles of autonomy, beneficence, nonmaleficence, justice and dignity when providing services to clients, students, patients and their families. Researchers must also exercise ethical principles. The nine All Things Ethics podcast episodes cover ethics in medical practice, clinical supervision, practice in the schools, research, private practice and interdisciplinary practice bringing ASHA’s Code of Ethics to life. Using scenarios and answers to ‘what if’ questions the guests provide practical, useful information while giving listeners a lot to think about. If you are a speech-language pathologist, you will want to listen to All Things Ethics.


About Dr. Elise Davis-McFarland

Dr. Elise Davis-McFarland is a former president of the American Speech Language Association and an ASHA Fellow. She served as a member of ASHA’s Board of Ethics, and several other ASHA committees. She began her career as a speech-language pathologist in North Carolina and from there went on to become a college professor, graduate program director and college vice president.  Elise has provided ethics lectures and workshops both nationally and internationally, and she is very interested in the ethics of international practice. 

Her passion for travel has taken her to all 50 states, six of the seven continents and over 20 countries abroad.  Her travels have also been related to her professional interests and expertise. She taught speech-language pathology undergraduate students in South Africa, consulted with speech-language pathologists in Rwanda, China and the Philippines, and served on an ASHA committee that developed a speech-language pathology program for the University of Guyana in South America. She has received numerous awards including Honors of the South Carolina Speech-Language  and Hearing Association.


9 Part Podcast Series Schedule:

January 12 - Ethics in Clinical Supervision (.1 ASHA CEU)

Guest: Melanie Hudson, MA, CCC-SLP

January 19 - Ethics in School Practice (.1 ASHA CEU)

Guest: Theresa Rodgers, MA, L-SLP, CCC-SLP, EdSp

January 26 - Ethics in Telepractice (.1 ASHA CEU)

Guest: Melissa Jakubowitz, MA, CCC-SLP

February 2 - Ethics in Medical Clinical Practice (.1 ASHA CEU)

Guest: Lynne Brady Wagner, MA, CCC-SLP

February 9 - Ethics in Clinical Research (.1 ASHA CEU)

Guest: Dr. Lauren Calandruccio, PhD

February 1 - Ethics in International Practice (.1 ASHA CEU)

Guest: Dr. Yvette Hyter, PhD, CCC-SLP

February 23 - Ethics in Interprofessional Practice (.1 ASHA CEU)

Guest: Dr. Lynn Williams, PhD, CCC-SLP

March 1 - Ethics in Audiology Practice (.1 ASHA CEU)

Guest: Dr.Arlene Carney, PhD, CCC-SLP

March 8 - Ethics in Rehabilitation Practice (.1 ASHA CEU)

Guest: Lynne Brady Wagner, MA, CCC-SLP

March 15 - Ethics in Private Practice (.1 ASHA CEU)

Guest: Dr. Pamela Wiley, PhD, CCC-SLP

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