2020 CSHA Webinars

CSHA Members Follow the Steps Below to Enroll in the 2020 CSHA Webinar Sessions

IF you are basic or professional member of SpeechTherapyPD.com you may add the CSHA sessions to your dashboard. 


2020 CSHA Webinar Sessions: 

ALL of these courses will be available for on-demand viewing 1-3 days following each live event. 

IF you have not shared with CSHA your preference for conference refunds please PRESS HERE

The Options are as follows:
Option 1: 

If you chose to the convert of your paid registration to a 100% gift to CSHA, you will receive all of the sessions.


Option 2: 

If you chose to apply 50% of your registration fee to next year’s conference, you will receive the following 7 sessions: 2 ,3, 5, 6, 8, 10, 11


Option 3: 

If you chose to receive the 50% refund, you will receive the following 4 sessions: 1, 5, 8, 11


All CSHA Webinar Sessions and Schedule: 

Session 1: May 6, 11:00am PDT (2pm EDT)

Enhancing Rapport by Activating Vagus Nerve Pathways through Nonverbal Language Behaviors 

(.15 ASHA CEUs)

Presenter: Dorothy Bohntinsky, MA, CCC-SLP


Session 2: May 13, 11:00am PDT (2pm EDT)

The 3 Es of Stuttering: A new all-inclusive therapy model (.3 ASHA CEUs)

Presenter: Katie Gore, MA, CCC-SLP and Courtney Luckman, MA, CCC-SLP



Session 3: May 14, 11:00am PDT (2pm EDT)

AAC Fun and Functional Application Across Settings (.15 ASHA CEUs) 

Presenter: Shannon Archer, MS, CCC-SLP


Session 4: May 21, 11:00am PDT (2pm EDT)

Working with SLPAs: Navigating the Ethical Road (.15 ASHA CEUs) 

Presenter: Leann Schouten, ClinScD, CCC-SLP


Session 5: May 27, 12:30pm PDT (3:30pm EDT)

Fairness in the Assessment of English Learners: Toward True Peer Group Measurement (.3 ASHA CEUs) 

Presenter: Samuel Ortiz, PhD


Session 6: May 28, 11:00am PDT (2pm EDT)

In-Home SLP Treatment for Children Over 3 with Autism and Challenging Needs (.15 ASHA CEUs) 

Presenter: Karyn Searcy, MA, CCC-SLP


Session 7: June 3, 11:00am PDT (2pm EDT)

Ethics, Policies, and Procedure: Making a Winning Recipe for Your Practice. (.15 ASHA CEUs) 

Presenter: Leann Schouten, ClinScD, CCC-SLP


Session 8: June 4, 11:00am PDT (2pm EDT)

Building Successful Teams for Kids with Learning Differences: Treatment Strategies that Work 

(.15 ASHA CEUs) 

Presenter: Dr. Elaine Fogel Schneider, PhD and Dr. Deborah Ross-Swain, EdD


Session 9: June 11, 11:00am PDT (2pm EDT)

Keeping Yourself Tuned In & Balanced: Personal Wellness for the Nurtured Practitioner (.15 ASHA CEUs)

Presenter: Dr. Elaine Fogel Schneider, PhD


Session 10: June 11, 1:00pm PDT (4pm EDT)

YouCue Bootcamp – 3 Pathways for Social Learning (.3 ASHA CEUs) 

Presenter: Anna Vagin, PhD, SLP


Session 11: June 17, 11:00am PDT (2pm EDT)

Working with Parents During Stressful Times: Impact of Ambiguous Loss (.15 ASHA CEUs) 

Presenter: Karyn Searcy, MA, CCC-SLP


Self Registration Guide

Before you sign up for any courses you MUST fill out the CSHA form for what refund option you would like. If you have not filled out that form yet - PRESS HERE

If you have already completed the form, move onto Step 1.


Step 1: Use Code To Register

Locate the email from CSHA in your inbox that contains your unique code. If you are unable to locate the code, please email csha@csha.org. 

When you have your code in hand, select the correct link below using your unique code at checkout. 

Option 1: No Refund - Access to ALL sessions

Option 2: Half of dues applied to next years convention - Access to 7 sessions

Option 3: 50% Refund - Access to 4 sessions

IF you have not shared with CSHA your preference for conference refunds please PRESS HERE

Once you've used your code, the price will show up as $0.00. If your code does not work properly please double check to ensure you selected the correct option.

Step 2: Set Up User Profile

When your code has been accepted press "Sign-In or Register" and complete your account set up, before you submit, please double check that all information is correct. 

Once you have completed your profile, you will taken to the course library. 

Step 3: Add Courses to Profile

On the course library page -

Press the "All Categories" dropdown menu in the top left corner and select the correct option or follow one of the buttons below. 

Press "Get Item" on each of your courses, press "In Cart (Check Out)"

Scroll to the bottom of the page and press "FINISH"

You will be taken to "My Dashboard" where you will have access to the courses. 

Webinar links will be available in the course content 1-3 days prior to each session, if you are enrolled in a course, you will also be emailed a link to the webinar prior to the event.

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