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"Differential Diagnosis & Treatment Planning for Speech Sound Disorders"

Presenter: Linda D'Onofrio, MA, CCC-SLP


7 Benefits of Clinical Supervision for ASHA Certified SLPs

As a full-time Clinical Supervisor and Outreach Coordinator at The George Washington University, I’m a tremendous advocate for the importance of clinical education for graduate students in Speech-Language Pathology. I have the opportunity to connect with SLPs around D.C. and throughout the U.S. Over the years, I’ve heard many reasons why someone is excited to supervise a graduate student in an externship and many reasons why they are not. Supervising graduate students is a rewarding experience for any SLP and every experienced SLP should consider it. Along with the new 2020 ASHA requirements and resources for fulfilling them, I’ve listed a few benefits of clinical supervision in this post in

Should SLPs Settle for the “Speech Teacher” Label?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard SLPs vent their frustrations when someone calls them “the speech teacher." This topic has been such a persistent pain point that it’s sparked many long-winded discussions on the issue. When these debates happen, there’s a large percentage of SLPs expressing deep concern about the being called the “speech teacher” because they feel it devalues us as a profession. Then, on the other hand, there are the people who say it doesn’t really matter and we all just need to chill out. So that brings up the question: Is being called the “speech teacher” really that big of a deal? Why labels matter. As an SLP, you may have heard about “labeling theory” when it c

A Whole New World: Finding My Place as a Travel SLP

What if your job in life is to help your patients make successful transitions... but the irony is that you're struggling with a big transition of your own? In today's heart-felt post, guest author Dani Newcombe shares what her move has been like to become a travel SLP. She also shares some resources, ideas, and eye-opening lessons she's learned along the way. Let us know if you have ever had a transition in your professional life, and how you made it through! Welp, hello from Indiana! This past weekend I packed up my car, said "goodbye" to Fayetteville, NC, and drove my little puppers and me to Elwood, Indiana. This week I started my newest journey as a travel SLP. Oh man, what a new experie

Speech Therapy Resources For Functional Cognition Treatment: A Person-Centered Approach

About the Author: Sarah Baar is a speech-language pathologist working in Grand Rapids, MI. She’s had the opportunity to work in many settings across the continuum including acute care, acute rehab, home & community, and outpatient therapy, as well as being involved in various leadership projects. In 2016, she started the Honeycomb Speech Therapy website and blog as a way to promote person-centered and functional therapy ideas for adult rehab. Those who have attended her speaking events enjoy her practical approach and tips that the everyday SLP can implement for a functional therapy approach. Today, we are talking about why Functional Treatment for Everyday Cognition matters. Functional Trea

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