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"Differential Diagnosis & Treatment Planning for Speech Sound Disorders"

Presenter: Linda D'Onofrio, MA, CCC-SLP


Sweet Sailing: The 2020 Conference at Sea in Alaska and British Columbia

This is a blog post from SLP and blogger Kelly Ott who presented on the 2017 Alaska CEU cruise. To see more about her and subscribe to her blog, check out At SLP conventions, I remember listening to instructors complain about attending our state and national conventions. Their complaints included the lack of intermediate and advanced trainings as well as the impeding cost of the conference. I remember thinking, "I hope I never get so old and set in my ways as to believe that I can’t learn from others." Now, of course, age and wisdom has enlightened me to their complaints. Professionally, I, too, long for a stimulating way to attain professional growth that

Introducing Speech & Language Songs: The Top 3 Reasons to Incorporate Music in Therapy

Rhythm, pitch, timbre, fluency, volume, prosody, and rate. When you hear these terms, what comes to mind? As a Speech-Language Pathologist, I would venture to guess that you would immediately think, “speech and language, of course,” and I would agree. But, these also describe music. Music and Language are intertwined in many ways, which makes music a great tool for us to utilize in therapy. As a Speech-Language Pathologist and a musician, I have always incorporated music into my sessions, when appropriate. It was fun, my clients were engaged, and I was able to address their needs appropriately. More recently, I started to think about how I could have a larger impact, while incorporatin

Use The Conversation Code to Generate Language-Use Carryover

I love hearing my language-kids talk. However, when we’re sitting there drilling-and-instilling past tense, and Johnny interjects a story about his trip to his grandma’s last weekend and says, “We drived to Atlanta last Saturday,” I wanna beat my head against the wall! Sigh. So, what’s an SLP do? Interrupt the excitement and the kid’s train of thought to correct his grammar? Wait until he’s done then refer back to his grammar? Make him say it again, the correct way? Or, just move on, not say anything and rejoice in his trip to Atlanta? NEWSFLASH: When kids talk conversationally, they just think about what they want to say, i.e., their intent - not HOW they’re saying it. Here’s what I thi

The Top 10 Courses for School-Based Therapy in 2019 (So Far...)

School's Out For Summer.... but a school-based SLP's work is never done! Let's be clear that you deserve every drop of sunshine-poolside-relaxation you can manage in the coming weeks, but we're also here to help you get geared up for your next caseload. (No rush, of course.) True to form, this blog post is evidence-based and steeped in research. To help take the work out of finding the best professional development plan for you, we used an advanced measuring system of metrics and analytics to identify the most popular school-based therapy courses taken by our members so far in 2019. In short - we ran a fancy report. :) This list is based on course enrollment information from January 1, 2019

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