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"Differential Diagnosis & Treatment Planning for Speech Sound Disorders"

Presenter: Linda D'Onofrio, MA, CCC-SLP


Three Secrets to Expanding Sentences and Building Vocabulary for SLPs

Happy Thursday, SLPs! Are you a school-based therapist in need of some vocabulary-building tools? Look no further! Today's guest contributor is Dr. Karen Dudek-Brannan. Dr. Dudek-Brannan received her bachelor’s degree in 2002, and master’s in 2004 in speech-language pathology from Illinois State University. She immediately began working in the schools as a speech-language therapist. She started her postgraduate work in 2005, then in 2014 received her doctorate in special education also from Illinois State University. She holds certificates in Assistive Technology and in Director of Special Education. Her research focused on vocabulary and metalinguistic strategies and has been published in s

Five Things Effective Therapists Do To Remediate /R/

Happy Thursday! This week’s guest contributor is the amazing Char Boshart, MA, CCC-SLP of Speech Dynamics and The Speech Link Podcast. Her most recent podcast episode on January 17 was “Why Some “R” Techniques Work and Others Don’t”. Since we’re on the topic of /r/, we thought it would be beneficial to our listeners and readers to share one of Char’s insightful blog posts today. Check out Char’s complete blog, called Therapy Matters, and good luck with those pesky /r/s! PS – If you want to earn ASHA CEUs for listening to podcasts, you'll find that information at the bottom of this blog. :) Five Things Effective Therapists Do To Remediate R Originally posted on Therapy Matters Blog CLICK HERE

A Business With a Big Heart: Meet Founder & CEO, Darla Torkelsen

Have you ever met someone and right away, you just… click? Something about that person resonates with you, and you feel an immediate, soulful connection. You’re drawn to them because you can sense something special. It’s a certain internal glow that you just can’t identify, even though you feel it. As irrational as it may sound, most of us rightly trust those “gut feelings." Darla Torkelsen, MS, CCC-SLP, founder and CEO of, has experienced and trusted that feeling throughout her life, and it has driven the creation of her now flourishing company. I sat down with Darla today to learn the history of her business, and let me tell you: Darla has that glow. Furthermore, as ir

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